Violet Howe

About Me 


Before dedicating myself to writing full-time, I spent fifteen years immersed in wedding planning and five years teaching in a middle-school classroom--both of which gave me countless stories and experiences to draw from for writing inspiration!

I am happily married to a man I consider My Knight in Shining Armor, and I am a mother to a teenage son whose intelligence, wit, and finesse with sarcasm amazes me daily. We share our home (and live in servitude for) our three insanely spoiled dogs.

I absolutely love to travel, and planning a trip is almost as much fun for me as actually going. I am a fanatic about all things movies--quotes, trailers, awards shows, midnight premieres, marathons, trivia, the smell of popcorn. If it's movie-related, I'm in.

I'm a drama queen. A hopeless romantic. Chronically late despite my best intentions. Moderately disorganized. I'm passionate and loyal. I love to laugh and I cry at pretty much anything remotely sappy. I love stories with happy endings, and I believe we can change the world if we try.