Violet Howe


25 Things You May Not Know About Me 

1. My favorite color is purple. (Okay, you may have guessed that one already!)

2. I gave up Diet Coke in January and still want one every single day.

3.  My favorite city is Paris, France, although Florence, Italy, and Sydney, Australia are close seconds.

4.  I dislike white or beige walls, and I have 15 different wall colors in my house. (Down from the last house, which had 29 colors.)

5.  Besides planning weddings and teaching school, I"ve held jobs as an accounting clerk, a veterinary assistant, a hermit crab race emcee, and a blackjack dealer.

6.  I was born and raised (mostly!) in MIssissippi but have lived in Florida since 1990.

7.  I could eat pizza seven days a week.

8.  I surfed in Costa Rica once. Only once because it took me about 50 tries to get up on the board long enough to count as surfing.

9.  My favorite band is Blue October.

10.  I won on the Pictionary TV game show.

11.  I am fiercely competitive.

12. I changed schools 16 times in 12 years.

13.  I detest peas.

14.   I have hiked on two active volcanoes. 

15.  I don't like any hot beverages.

16.  I love playing tennis. Not any good at it, but love playing it!

17.  I am not a fan of camping. Even though we own a camper and two really nice tents.

18.  My favorite animal is the giraffe. Elephants are a close second.

19.  I've never broken a bone.

20.  I am a history buff and love looking up the true stories behind series and movies "based on true stories".

21.  I love thunderstorms.  When I'm inside, of course.

22.  I love taking pictures in cemeteries.

23.  I love acting in community theater productions.

24.  I was an extra in an absolutely horrible horror movie in the 90s.

25.  Amateur photography is a hobby of mine and I took several of the pictures on this website!