Violet Howe

why I write 


I write because I love stories and the way they can make us laugh, make us cry, and make us feel and think.

I write because I believe stories give us an escape from reality. Transport us someplace we've never been.  Allow us to consider new possibilities or a different point of view. 

I write romance because I am a sucker for a sappy story with a happy ending. I believe that love conquers all, and I enjoy exploring the complexities and dynamics of imperfect people coming together and seeking a way to accept each other.

I write women's fiction because women inspire me. Their grace, their strength, their perseverance, their passion. I believe we see ourselves in others, and we find encouragement and hope in the triumphs of the human spirit.

I write suspense because I love a good mystery, a clever twist, and something that keeps me guessing until all is revealed.

And of course, it always helps when we find a little humor along the way.