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Saturday Through My Lens: Tuscany, Italy


Bridge over the River Arno

One of my very favorite places is Florence, Italy. The history, the people, the architecture, the beauty. The River Arno.

Duomo and Campanile

The dazzling centerpiece of Florence is Duomo and Campanile of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fioro. They are masterpieces of green, white, and pink marble.

Florence Rooftops

The Campanile, also known as Giotto’s Tower, is 278 feet high. There are 414 calf-wrenching steps to climb to the top, but the views of the Florence skyline make it worth it.

The Duomo in the Rising Sun

The Duomo is the tallest building in Florence. At the time it was built in 1463, its massive top dome was the largest in the world.

Window into Florence

Glass River

Not only is Florence absolutely beautiful, but I was told the city of Florence has more museums per capita than any other city. I would like to visit them all!!!

San Gimignano Sunset

Venturing out from Florence, the hills and valleys of Tuscany, Italy, are filled with the warmest and most welcoming people in the quaintest and most beautiful villages. There are so many beautiful rentals in tuscany that it’s hard not to look at it as one of the most desirable holiday locations around.

Many villages in Tuscany are still located within the walls of former castles and strongholds. But the towers and noblemen who ruled over them are long gone.

Towers of Tuscany

Some of these ancient towers still stand. The village of San Gimignano is known for its dueling towers built by power-hungry nobles in the 12th-13th century.

Community Fountain

Now there are dueling tourists, not noblemen. But San Gimignano still retains a quiet charm in its history and mystery.

Marbled Stripes

Paris may forever be my favorite city, but Italy is my favorite country to visit. I would even like to live there some day. A summer in Tuscany sounds heavenly.

Villa Belvedere Drive

Perhaps they would let me move back into my room here where we stayed at the Villa Belvedere. I could live here!

Is there any where you would like to live for a time? If so, where?


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