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After discovering her newly-wed husband led a dark, secret life, Dani Ward has returned home to Cedar Creek shattered, divorced, unemployed, and always looking over her shoulder in case the Mafia followed her home. 

One fateful Friday night, she wanders into a bar intent on forgetting her problems, if only for a night. But there are two men in the bar who make that impossible. One is her high school sweetheart, the one she left behind to chase her dreams in Chicago. The other is a stranger with an ominous grin that sends chills down her spine.

As Dani’s past closes in on her, she must fight for her own life and the lives of those she loves.

Can she do what it takes to ensure their survival, even if it means sacrificing herself? 

Bounty Flight_eBook.jpg



Surviving the plane crash was the easy part.


Lauryn Vargas is a sucker for a good romance novel, despite her firm belief that love at first sight is purely fiction. But when she looks up from her book to find the man of her dreams walking across the airport toward her, Lauryn wonders if it’s time to rethink that philosophy.

She’s holding out hope for a chance to strike up a conversation, but when their plane goes down in a fiery crash on a remote mountainside, it seems their fated love story was destined to be a tragedy from the start.

Stranded in a cold, dark forest and struggling with the aftermath of injuries, Lauryn quickly discovers she isn’t out of danger just because she escaped death in the wreckage.

Can an ill-prepared librarian become her own heroine to make it through the longest night of her life, or has she reached the final chapter in her saga? 

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