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The first time Maggie fell in love, it started with a broken toe and ended with a broken heart. At nineteen, she was too naïve to heed the warning signs, and she raced blindly down a path that destroyed her soaring ballet career and pushed her to close herself off to any romantic interest.


Thirty years later, Maggie’s first glimpse of rancher Dax Pearson makes her heart stutter in an all-too-familiar way. This time, she’s determined to keep a tight rein on the impulse to throw away her hard-won independence.


She’s not looking to get herself roped in by a handsome face, but Dax’s winning charm and gentle touch gradually begin to work their magic, and soon Maggie’s tempted to once again attempt the dance of love.


Letting go of the past isn’t easy, though, especially when it has choreographed her life for so long. Breaking free of its familiar rhythm could expose her deepest shame…and shatter her heart beyond repair.

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