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Vampire by Birth. Human by Choice. Until death revived his curse.


Born of an ancient, fallen bloodline, Nick has always loathed the monster inside him that marks his kind as cursed among the shifters, witches, and other immortals. But he was never so determined to be human as when he met his true love, Aria. A deal with darkness granted Nick what he longed for most—a life as a mortal husband and father. 


Aria worked hard to trust herself and others after escaping an abusive relationship. When she met Nick, his steadfast love and patience slowly convinced her that she and her young daughter could finally have their happily ever after.


Together, Nick and Aria have found peace and become their best version of themselves. But when an early morning tragedy returns Nick to his vampiric state, the future of their family is in jeopardy.


As they struggle to find a path forward and come to terms with the past, neither of them realize much darker forces are at play. Can their love withstand the trials they face? Or is their relationship doomed to end in heartache? Find out in this non-stop series starter with an ending that will leave you desperate for more! 



As danger continues to swirl around Nick and Aria, they grapple with determining who to trust and where to find the answers they seek. Uncertain of what enemy they face and wary of what is still to come, the couple tightens their inner circle and find strength in their love for one another.
But as clues to the mysteries surrounding them begin to be revealed, what they uncover threatens to tear apart their family and the life they've built together. It may even disrupt the delicate balance that has existed between all of humankind and the powerful immortals who have walked among them since the dawn of time.
Can an all-out war be avoided, or will the wrath of the fallen destroy them all?

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